Friday, June 5, 2009

Sporto Kantes - 3 at last (2008)

01 Concrete (Ft Michael Robinson)
02 Whistle (Performed By Sporto Kantes)
03 Liquid Ft Yelena Neva (Performed By Sporto Kantes & Alexandre Kinn)
04 Fight (Performed By Sporto Kantes)
05 Da Rock (Performed By Sporto Kantes)
06 Sick Song (Performed By Sporto Kantes)
07 Romas Life (Performed By Sporto Kantes)
08 Waiting Man Ft Adele Masquelier
09 U Are The Light
10 Tower
11 Slits (Performed By Sporto Kantes)
12 12 Of July (Ft A Lost London Girl)

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Pass: djtakis


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Anonymous said...

The video for Track 3 "Whistle" is wonderful.