Tuesday, December 16, 2008

James - Live In 2008 (Very Limited)

Για τον Πετράκη που σταμάτησε τη δουλειά.

01 James - Oh My Heart
02 James - Born Of Frustration
03 James - Upside
04 James - Tomorrow
05 James - Bubbles
06 James - Hey Ma
07 James - Senorita
08 James - Waterfall
09 James - Boom Boom
10 James - Getting Away With It (All Messed Up)
11 James - Whiteboy
12 James - Sometimes
13 James - Laid
14 James - Peter Kay
15 James - Lullaby
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Pass : djtakis


Luís said...
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Luís said...

Great record.

Is there any chance to send a rapidshare link with the CD at 320 kbps? It would be great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this great souvenir.
Pili (Spain)

Jim said...

Really can't thank you enough for sharing such a rare CD!

Anonymous said...

Oh Luis, don't be so greedy and needy! 256kbps is CD quality. Asking for 320 is just pushing it.

Thank you so much to the poster for this gem. I'd even download it if it were 96kbps.
Music is music.

Luís said...

LOL. Great post you did.

Anyway I'm very happy with this CD, of course. But my point is personel: I prefer to have it in FLAC or MP3 at 320. FLAC why? I am a strange person: I can hear the micro-second gap between the songs in a live CD when the audio source is MP3 (lossy format). When the source is FLAC (lossless format) I can't hear the gap.

My brother says that I'm to strange, and have dog ears. He is the musician, but he says that gap is almost un-heared. Not for me...

Maybe I'm weird...

Best regards to us all, specially to the person who gave us this wonderful CD.