Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Booka Shade - Cinematic Shades (The Slow Songs)-2008

01 Booka Shade - Outskirts (Trentemoller Rmx)
02 Booka Shade - Solo City
03 Booka Shade - Night Falls (Larry Gold s Night Falls Over Philly String Version)
04 Booka Shade - Outskirts (Cinematic Shades Edit)
05 Booka Shade - Hallelujah Usa
06 Booka Shade - Moonstruck (Cinematic Shades Edit)
07 Booka Shade - Paper Plane
08 Booka Shade - Vertigo (Cinematic Shades Edit)
09 Booka Shade - At The Window (Cinematic Shades Edit)
10 Booka Shade - Lost High (Cinematic Shades Edit)
11 Booka Shade - 16 Mm (Cinematic Shades Edit)
12 Booka Shade - The Sun And The Neon Light
13 Booka Shade - You Don t Know What You Mean To Me (J s Lullaby)

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Anonymous said...

thank you agaphmene :)))
panta etsi na moirazomaste!

Anonymous said...

Δεν ανεβάζεις και το "So this is Heaven" του Tsotsoni γιατί η Κατερίνα δεν μου το δίνει; :P

djtakis said...


miliokas said...

thanx gia to cd :D
Tsotsonis part #1

ΤsotsΟnis Part #2

Anonymous said...

Thank you :D